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What is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who assists another person running a company, much like an office assistant. The difference is that a VA is equipped to do this job 100% remotely, using innovative and technical tools and may even be their client’s digital concierge.

As a Health & Wellness VA, I choose to support only a handful of industry professionals at a time, taking over a plethora of tasks from my clients. Whether it’s client communications, basic bookkeeping, building social media presence, creating graphics for socials and promo materials or writing engaging copy for newsletters, I got your back.

My mission is to help you free up the time to do what you enjoy most: follow your passion to improve your clients’ lives.

You need help. I can do it.

VA Services 

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General Administration

“Neat & Tidy” are both my middle name.

Taking care of the ‘kitchen’ of your business: keeping in order all those things that happen in the shadow, for you to efficiently serve the delicious dish of coaching.

Client communications: first point of contact for your clients; scheduling trial classes; renewing memberships or putting them on hold; managing replacements for when coaches are on holiday;

Office management: inbox management; calendar organization; file management; creating templates;

Basic bookkeeping: issuing invoices; marking incoming payments; following up on late payments;

Digital concierge services: personal errands;
travel booking.

Social Media Management

Engage, Enlighten, Encourage.

Where do people go looking for you? Think no more: on your socials. Hand over the design of brand-aligned posting, content creation and scheduling to me, so you can go ahead and focus on your clients.

Creating social media accounts; researching and creating social media posts; Facebook groups;

Growing social media followings; content planning; hashtag research; community moderation and engagement;

Analyzing: measuring analytics and performance reports;

Suitable for: Instagram and Facebook for business.


Graphic Design

Design is intelligence made visible.

Be it a catchy social media image or a poster for an upcoming event to put on the walls of your gym, you want to be visually-present in and out of the online world too.

Visual content design: social media covers and visuals; website; Google forms; newsletters; reports;

Promotional material: event flyers and posters; one-pager marketing materials; brochures; stickers; pricing sheets; business cards;

Photography: editing;

Others: designing slideshows and webinar content; creating online quizzes; designing eBooks and PDFs.

Writing Services

Write something worth reading.

Nutrition? Workout routines? Sending out newsletters or writing blog posts is essential to keeping your clients engaged and interested in your business, past their presence in the gym.

Social Media: content writing and repurposing; 

Blogs: ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading blog posts; comments engagement and moderation; web research for best practices and coversion to blogs;

Newsletters: news and events; schedule changes, upcoming programming, etc;

Website and landing page: copywriting; formatting and uploading blog posts.

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Hourly packages

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