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Managing your client experience can be a smooth operation, requiring only a few minutes of your day!

But it sure doesn’t feel that way now, does it?

Most service providers spend long hours on client relationship management: proposals, contracts, invoicing, onboarding and offboarding clients, scheduling calls and So. Many. Emails.

So much time that could have gone into their marketing, that could have brought them new clients and revenue. But, wait, new clients would mean even more of these overwhelming tasks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are the three business myths that make business owners feel overstretched when it comes to their client management.

3 Myths

Keeping You Overwhelmed

Myth No. 1:

Business is supposed to be hard work.


There’s no denying that being a business owner is a daring endeavor. Running your own business is like being an acrobat, keeping a lot of plates spinning in the air while at the same time gyrating a hula-hoop to music.

But hard work for the purpose of hard work is not what anyof us wants. And yet, it’s often what we get due to a mindset of scarcity. Money Mindset coach Denise Duffield-Thomas argues that working hard is more about this mindset than a real necessity.

Myth No. 2:

Client management hassle is the cost of doing business.


This may have been true some decades ago, before technology made it possible for us to buy an e-book from around the world while the author is sleeping. Or to learn from a webinar that was recorded several months ago by its creator.

“But that’s not my business model”, you might think to yourself. And I’m here to tell you that management can be automated just as well as the above two examples.

Myth No. 3:

There's absolutely no better way.

Hmm, how to put this nicely? Actually, never mind the niceties: that’s just plain wrong. 😀

Today, there are automated software tools to do all of your client management for you, the flagship of which is Dubsado. Today, there are digital business managers like me, who can optimize your processes and implement them for you so that all that hassle is done in a few clicks of your mouse. So bust that myth and stop busting your chops with tasks that don’t bring value to yourself or your clients.

Psst! Choose the easier way – the automated way!

Enter Dubsado, the leading client management platform for creative businesses!

With Dubsado, you can organize the backend of your business: automate your lead capture process, billing, scheduling meetings, sending confirmation emails, and more.

Didn’t I say “bust those myths”? Dubsado is the fastest way to get it all!

For only $40/month, you can have all of your customer data, appointments, documents, and communications in one place.

Let Dubsado work in the background while you focus on delivering the magic your clients expect. Your clients get access to their individual portal to view appointments, contracts, and forms.

Sounds challenging to have yet another tool to learn? And then customize it to your biz?

If you’re new to Dubsado and ready to automate, be sure
to grab 30% off of your first month or year with my

Smiling woman wearing a yellow shirt

Meet Ioana, your Certified Dubsado Specialist!

I’m the one automating your processes on my favorite business management software. I’ll also help you learn and support you after your automation is set up!

Working in corporate business development and then digital business management made me an optimization and automation nerd. So I was hooked when I discovered Dubsado. A way to streamline your client management processes while freeing up the team for more value-added work? Bring it!

As a service owner, I struggled to scale my business while still keeping the workload manageable for my team. And I faced the same myths until I found the solution I’m introducing today.

While implementing Dubsado for my business, its apparent value proved even higher than expected. I needed to tell the world about this amazing solution! I needed to help my clients and other business owners enjoy the same freedom & growth this solution afforded me!

I decided to learn all I could about it and get certified as a Certified Dubsado Specialist. Now I’m excited to bring my Dubsado knowledge and digital business management experience to the game of giving entrepreneurs their time back!

“Working with Ioana is like bringing a fresh breath into an overwhelming daily business life, with structure, reliability, understanding, and getting things done.”

Working with Ioana is like bringing a fresh breath into an overwhelming daily business life, with structure, reliability, understanding and getting things done. I feel understood and cared for in a friendly style that makes working with her such an enjoyable experience. 🙂

As a tired mompreneur with a baby, I have little focused energy to dedicate to my business and working with Ioana relieved me from the burden of mental charge of long to-do lists. I could devote more energy to what matters most to me and knew that Ioana had it under control for me. I could trust her to check it all for me, and I could follow the process, knowing I was in good hands. 

By implementing automatization in steps where I felt like I was repeatedly doing what I knew a computer could do, and having Ioana implement Dubsado helped me get back on track with serenity, allowing me to have more energy for sales and facilitating our events.”

From a branding perspective, it also propelled my business to a higher level of client experience that signals professionalism and trust.

Deborah Rupert, PhD
Wellbeing and career coach | Founder of Dear Academia

Elevate your Customer Experience and Automate your Client Relationship Management with Dubsado!

There are two ways to manage a business.

Picture yourself swamped with emails, scheduling requests in different apps, tracking open invoices and appointments. 😣 Now imagine having it all on one platform, professionally-looking scheduling links and invoice reminders going out automatically to your clients. 🤩

I believe every business owner deserves to have the combination of flexibility and structure that an automated solution like Dubsado offers. That’s why I offer a free, non-binding call before you book the service. If you’re not certain this solution is for you, you can just as easily walk away once you’ve made sure.

I want you to feel confident that once you get your processes streamlined and automated, you’ll reclaim your time and start making money working less on what doesn’t require your involvement.

Which one do you think is the smoother way to run a business? Which one do you deserve?

Dubsado services

Free from clutter.

Getting your customer relationship management automated is the most beneficial investment you’ll make to help streamline your processes and reduce your workload.

In under two months, you’ll gain:

🔸 Your time & flexibility back, free for you to reinvest in either personal projects or in getting more clients;
🔸 A more professional looking customer-communication done with minimum effort from your side;
🔸 A more structured set of business processes all centralized in one dashboard;
🔸 A system that does the work without your input, from your first appointment with a client to their offboarding.

Looking for just a little bit of support? Check out these additional Dubsado services:

1, 2, 3 – easy!

Trust the process.

Getting your Customer Relationship System up and running is as simple as 1-2-3!

Book a free discovery call

First, we need to talk.

Before the call, I’ll send you a discovery call questionnaire so we can both prepare for the call in advance.

During the call, we’ll discuss your needs & check our fit, then I’ll send over a custom-made proposal for you to review & accept.

Structure & implementation

Then the fun part starts!

We’ll first sign a contract and then we proceed with the onboarding and start thinking about the ideal customer experience you want to offer your clients.

We meet again for our process mapping call, where I map out your processes. After the call, I implement them in Dubsado.

30 days Slack support

We check-in and adapt.

Lastly, we’ll meet again for our Offboarding call. I will also send you a personalized Next Steps guide with a weekly 4-weeks plan to help you start using your newly custom-designed business management platform.

I’ll hold your hand on the way, since I’m also offering you Slack guidance for another 30 days!

My favorite part?

We enjoy optimizing and growing your business together! 🚀

Book a complimentary consultation call today to find out if Dubsado is the right fit for you! And if it’s not, I’ll come up with other ideas for your business.


I’m glad you asked.

Is this right for your business? Check it out.

Q: “What happens if I make a mistake in Dubsado after the 30 Slack support days have passed? How can I get help?”

I got you, babe! I’m happy to schedule a 60’ consultation call to address your concerns and troubleshoot.

Q: “What happens if I need to make changes to processes afterwards? Do you have a package or an hourly rate for that?”

I do! I understand businesses and processes may change – depending on your needs, reach out for a quote or a 60’ consultation call and let’s talk!

Q: “How customizable is the client communication once it’s set up in Dubsado?”

Adding a personalized touch to some of your emails is possible and sometimes even encouraged, so I have great news: it’s possible to pre-approve emails before sending them out!

Note: Due to the digital nature of this service, I cannot offer refunds. However, please be assured that this solution will be customized to serve your needs down to the smallest detail.

Ready to hit refresh?

Let's talk and find the best fit for your business!



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