About us

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We’re a boutique Digital Business Management agency dedicated to supporting busy coaches and service providers to gain time and clarity to focus on growing their brand.

We believe in a world where our overall wellness is attainable for everyone, and our mission is to support the very businesses that are building this kind of world.

Our customers are self-driven visionaries who started their business to improve people’s lives and leave their mark on the environment and the society we live in. Are you one of them too? Then book your call and let’s see how we can support you too!

By partnering up and streamlining your business, we help you reclaim your time and space to expand this vision. Because growing a business requires a reliable team, time-saving processes, and clarity. This is where we thrive. This is what we do best.

Business growth made easy – fit & ready to go.
Hey there, I’m Ioana Stepanov,
Digital Business Manager, Certified Dubsado Specialist and Free the Digital founder.
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Thanks for coming over! 🙂

I’m an empathy advocate and a believer in the power of nurturing relationships and leading by example. I’m also a Business Development specialist with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world and a tropical weather and wildlife enthusiast.

In 2019, I started a Virtual Assistance business helping Fitness professionals with operational tasks and social media management. My dream was to work remotely and travel the world.

I eventually quit my career in insurance and started my nomad journey in February 2020. As my client portfolio developed, so did my clients’ business needs. I soon needed more brains and hands to serve my clients properly and that’s how my team was born!

While optimizing processes, implementing systems or helping clients delegate and communicate better, I also dedicate time to upskilling, learning about new tech and keeping up with the industry news to always provide a stellar client experience.

But enough about me. 🙂
I’m one call away if you’d like to get me on board to plan and implement a project, consult on your business backend, help you strategize, set up some fancy tech or simply have a networking call.
Now take a look at my A-team! 🤩

Meet the rockstars

The Free Team.

Jeni Zanoaga



Jeni is the mom of a joyful girl, an occasional [yet passionate!] runner and the first in the team. Many years ago, she made her first money from graphic design, then she sold travel insurance.

Thankfully, Jeni soon realized she’s made for graphic design. She has an “everything is figureoutable” attitude and when creating, she values simplicity, symmetry, and detail.




Cris is an empathic listener, a problem solver, and a kind person you enjoy talking to. It’s hard not to have her stick to your soul once you get to know her.

She offers Podcast Management and General Administration assistance services, and since she continuously loves to grow and learn, she’s proud to say there’s no tool in this world that she can’t master in no time.

Gabriel Gosnea



Adina is the Gen Z representative on our team.
Her fingers are always flying across her keyboard, and just like any marketing aficionado, she loves spending hours on social media, discovering its secrets.

She has a marketing and social media background and a keen eye for trends. Her goal is to write copy as catchy and yummy as Shakira’s songs.

We don’t just use ‘digital’ in our name for nothing: we take pride in testing the latest in tech and digitalizing our work to deliver our services better, faster, and easier. Here’s our toolkit:

We don’t just use ‘digital’ in our name for nothing: we take pride in testing the latest in tech and digitalizing our work to deliver our services better, faster, and easier. Here’s our toolkit:

Doing the things

we believe in:

We strive to go above and beyond prioritizing our client’s best interests, and we don’t hesitate to surpass expectations when necessary to attain a higher objective.
Our growth is tied to the growth of our clients; their progress propels us forward.

We embed freedom into every aspect of our work.
We’re authentic and transparent, empowering our clients with the liberty to make informed decisions – we actively listen to them and provide diverse solutions, never restricting our clients to a one-size-fits-all approach.

We draw from a broad spectrum of industry knowledge while continuing to enhance our expertise, offering unparalleled value to our clients.
This ignites our innovation, driving us to approach every endeavor with eagerness to find creative solutions to complex opportunities.

1, 2, 3 – easy!

Trust the process.

We’ve been there, too: it’s hard to read the label from inside the jar. We’re here to help you identify your business needs and step in exactly where you need us to. Here’s what our process looks like:

Book a free discovery call

First, we talk to assess your needs and check for fit.

After you book the call, we send you a discovery call questionnaire so you can prepare the answers in advance.

During the call, we will discuss your needs & check our fit.

If all works well for fit, we’ll identify the type of services we offer that best suit your needs and send over a proposal for you to review & accept.


Structure & implementation

Then the fun part starts!

We’ll sign a contract that will keep us all accountable & on task.

We’ll send over a client worksheet so we can get to know you even better and tailor recommendations for you.

We’ll talk about the worksheet, how you want to structure your month, whether it’s with recurring calls or something else.


Review & adjust

We check-in and adapt where needed.

After 6 to 12 weeks, we sit down and look at what worked well and what could be improved.

We reassess for fit and discuss if there is both the potential and interest in committing to each other in the long run.

Last but not least, we enjoy growing your business together!

Ready to hit refresh? Let's talk and find your best fit!