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At Free the Digital, our focus is on empowering coaches and service providers who are at the cusp of significant growth. We understand the challenges of scaling a business, and we’re here to lighten your load so you can soar higher.

Our mission is centered around giving you back your most valuable asset: time. We achieve this by streamlining processes, crafting compelling brand strategies, and offering robust project management support. Our approach is designed to transform your ideas into reality with seamless efficiency and unwavering confidence.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of business development experience across various industries, our team brings a depth of knowledge and a commitment to causes that resonate with us. No matter the stage of your business journey, we’re here to listen, understand, and step in where you need us most.

Our clientele is as diverse as our expertise, encompassing everyone from founders of martial arts schools to life coaches, digital marketers, online course creators, and event planners. We’re dedicated to partnering with visionaries who are making a positive impact in the world. Let us be the catalyst that propels your business to its next epoch of success.

Dream. Plan. Execute. Enjoy.

Branding Services

Discover & fall in love.

Fortify your business’s market presence with our comprehensive Brand Strategy and Visual Identity services.

We equip you with a researched and insightful brand roadmap and a striking visual identity that resonates with your core values.

Consider us your navigators in the competitive business landscape, offering you a strategic partnership that transforms your brand into a commanding force with a captivating visual narrative.

People who worked with us said…

I worked with Ioana for the strategy of my brand to create a better presentation of my work and projects to attract the right clients for the services I offer (a piano course for ballet class musicians and several other connected products).

The texts written for my website work very well as they’re connected with my voice, and I would definitely recommend Ioana for the analysis of your brand in a clever and effective way and for copywriting services!

Mariana Palacios

Ballet Class Pianist & Filmmaker

Digital Business Management

Plan & enjoy.

Digital Business Managers (DBM) support business owners and entrepreneurs manage remote teams, plan digital projects or launches, set up the behind-the-scenes systems and manage operations.

A DBM manages everything, anything and anyone necessary for a business and team to grow and thrive. Our DBM focuses on only three clients at a time in order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality support for this high-level, highly-personalized job.

What’s included: strategy and planning sessions, project management, team management, tech systems setup, operations optimization.

People who worked with us said…

Ema Barba - Bright Living - testimonial for Ioana Stepanov - Free the Digital
Jaime Freeman - Martial Arts Academy - testimonial for Ioana Stepanov - Free the Digital
Jaime Freeman - Martial Arts Academy - testimonial for Ioana Stepanov - Free the Digital
Jaime Freeman - Martial Arts Academy - testimonial for Ioana Stepanov - Free the Digital
Jaime Freeman - Martial Arts Academy - testimonial for Ioana Stepanov - Free the Digital

Graphic Design

Thinking made visible.

Companies depend on successful marketing efforts to tap into their target audience’s decision-making process.

Great marketing engages people based on the wants, needs, awareness and satisfaction they have about a product, service or brand.

Since people will always find visual content more engaging, graphic design helps organizations promote and communicate more effectively.

People who worked with us said…

I loved the ease of communication with your team. I felt like my project was in expert hands (because it absolutely was!). That peace of mind was instrumental in making this project enjoyable for me from start to finish! I’d recommend Free the Digital for design projects of all kinds.

Jana Soli

Organic Marketing Strategist, Jana Soli LLC

Social Media Management

Get social, bay-bee!

Where do people go looking for you?
Think no more: on your socials. Hand over the design of brand-aligned posting, content creation and scheduling to us, so you can go ahead and focus on your clients.

What’s included: creating and growing social media accounts; managing Facebook groups; content strategy, creation & planning; graphics creation; hashtag research; analyzing analytics.

Suitable for: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube.

People who worked with us said…

As a result of working together with Free the Digital, we have increased our brand’s awareness on social media, with high-quality content. We love the ideas that we develop together, and this resulted in happy new clients who received a lot more information from our channels about swimming techniques, equipment, role models to follow, and our unique teaching method. It also resulted in me having more time to manage my business and keep my clients happy.

Since we started, I feel that we’ve done a great job together in building a strong brand in our industry. We appreciate the bi-monthly online meetings, where we share quick ideas and work on creating the best strategy for the future. We happily already recommended Free the Digital to other people who noticed the improvement of our presence on Instagram.

Andrei Cozariuc

Founder & Head Coach, Inoata cu Andrei

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