About Me

I used to work in an office for 15 years.
Now my office is inside my backpack.

At first, I sold cosmetics. Then, I sold expensive money :), as a Relationship Manager for a large European bank. After that, I spent ten years in the Insurance industry, building a career that shaped my personal growth and propelled me to the global market. I worked in four countries and have 15 years of experience in the Sales and Business Development area.

I chose to leave the industry because I wanted to pursue my passion for traveling and to start my own business. After a lot of soul and Google searching, I started this Virtual Assistance business, following another passion of mine: healthy living.

VA Services

For the love of healthy living

My passion for movement comes from an early age when dancing in front of the TV would be my favorite pastime. Later on, I would embark on a two-year journey with Judo, which sadly came to an end due to an injury.

A few years later, I took on Dancing more seriously, studying various styles for seven years, from Ballroom dancing to Tango, Kizomba, Lindy Hop, Contemporary Dance, Modern Jazz, and back to my first love, Street Dance.

In 2015, I stepped inside a CrossFit box for the first time, curious about all the hype around it. I ended up staying, falling in love with its variety, the excitement that embraces you every time you step inside the gym, all the PRs and friends I made on the way. Nowadays, I’m chasing CrossFit boxes while traveling.

More recently, I started practicing Yoga as well, as it’s beautifully complimenting my strength training, adding that much-needed mindfulness component.

All this movement-related experience has helped me become physically and mentally stronger and healthier, while picking up a few lessons on the way about resilience, discipline, and perseverance.

It is now my turn to give something back to the world of movement by working alongside Health & Wellness professionals. I aim to support you take your business further, to have a positive impact on your clients’ growth, and help you dedicate more time to your personal life.

Check out my success story as a nomad Virtual Assistant on the Digital Nomad Kit blog.


For the love of travel

At the end of 2018, I traveled to New Zealand, where I spent three weeks sleeping in a campervan. My partner and I changed the place every two to three days; sometimes, it depended on the weather. Other times, it depended on whether we were in the mood for a hike in the mountains or a bath in the ocean.

The moment that turned my life around occurred on December 31st, 2018. We took the ferry from the North to the South Island and met a girl who had been backpacking for a year. I will forever remember her kind, smiling face and glowing enthusiasm when she spoke about traveling and encouraging me to follow my dream of seeing the whole wide world.

You will often hear me repeat this mantra: “Dream, plan, execute, enjoy”. I returned home and made it happen: living out of my backpack, carrying my work wherever I go, turning my dream of traveling the world and working remotely into reality. I’m a digital nomad!

Lastly, a fun fact or two!

When I was six, until around 10-11, I counted all the words in a movie’s subtitle, in groups of three.

Once I’d get to 33 groups of 3 words, I’d add one more and remember the hundred. I’d sum up all the hundreds, and at the end, I’d tell my parents what the total amount was (say, 37,864 words). I took pride in being highly meticulous about it. I eventually stopped doing it because I got bored. Hey, I’m Ioana, and I’m a bit of a nerd, heh.

Oh, and, if you’re curious about how to pronounce my name, try reading it like E-wanna. laughing

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