Virtual Assistance
for Health  & Wellness Businesses

Are you a Health & Wellness business owner drowning in all that dreadful but necessary admin work? Finding social media tricky to manage? Writing captions and newsletters or designing graphics are not quite your thing? Don’t sweat.

You need help. I can do it.
Who’s that girl?

Hi, I’m Ioana,

and I have a thing for traveling and healthy living.

For 15 years, I worked as a Sales & Business Development professional for different industries. I’ve also been blogging and sharing my thoughts online since 2005 and always had an attraction for tech things.

In 2019, I created Freeewanna VA Services, packed my bags and started traveling the world as a digital nomad. I’m now perfecting the laptop lifestyle by following my passions and supporting Health & Wellness businesses thrive!

VA Services 

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General Administration

“Neat & Tidy” are both my middle name.

Taking care of the “kitchen” of your business: keeping in order all those things that happen in the shadow, for you to efficiently serve the delicious dish of coaching.

Social Media

Engage, Enlighten, Encourage.

Where do people go looking for you? Think no more: on your socials. Hand over the design of brand-aligned posting, content creation and scheduling to me, so you can go ahead and focus on your clients.


Graphic Design

Design is intelligence made visible.

Be it a catchy social media image or a poster for an upcoming event to put on the walls of your gym, you want to be visually-present in and out of the online world too.

Writing Services

Write something worth reading.

Nutrition? Workout routines? Sending out newsletters or writing blog posts is essential to keeping your clients engaged and interested in your business, past their presence in the gym.

Juicy and appealing? Just what you were looking for?

Happy clients

are my favorite clients

Hiring Ioana was probably the best thing I have done for my business to-date. The freedom of being able to delegate projects to someone who is reliable, communicative and understands the importance of details has had such an amazing impact. Not only does Ioana complete tasks in a timely manner, she is constantly coming up with suggestions to make my life easier or to streamline our processes. I cannot recommend her services enough!


Owner & Chief Instructor, Martial Arts Academy Prague

I have a coaching business (Ascendo) and a social enterprise platform (#așaîncepe). Many fronts I needed to cover.
With Ioana, I really feel I get the help I needed and I trust that she'll do a great job in less time than if I had to do it. She's helped me so far doing market research, reaching out to get data I needed, proofreading and document writing (rewrite, translate). She's a rockstar in all things social media, and I feel very comfortable not having to know more than I need to because she does 🙂
We've worked together to redefine the logos and visual identity of my brand and I love the results, basically with no sending back to the drawing board. Very skilled!
I appreciate that she picked up on how I work and our catch-ups are very rich in ideas and exchanges.
It's funny that before starting our work together, I would have a difficult time imagining that I could delegate a part of my work. I now have experienced the relief of doing that and the complete trust that the work gets done beautifully.

Coach & Managing Partner, Ascendo Consulting & #așaîncepe

What can I say? Ioana is an exceptional example of someone who is diligent, creative, dependable, and downright fun to work with. She was a community manager for my VA program where she not only supported our members but implemented a fun initiative that was truly unique to her as a person. During the month of October 2020, she collaborated with another VA, Romina, in delivering a 30-day fitness challenge. This was the perfect way to help boost the mood and overall health of our members at an otherwise difficult time. By creating a custom workout plan, epic videos to go with them, graphics and even Zoom calls to keep each other accountable, Ioana went above and beyond to make her time with us memorable and left a lasting positive impact. I would not hesitate to recommend her in any content creation, social media, tech, or support position, she will treat your business as her own and work alongside you seamlessly.
Ioana has fire in her belly and the knowledge and resources to bring that fire to life. I'm stunned at how far she has come, and all on her own determined initiative. It would be a privilege for anyone to work with her!

Owner, Digital Nomad Kit


🔸 45 clients from 10 industries and 11 countries

🔸 5 years of activity

🔸 8 languages spoken (4 team members)


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