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Inoata cu Andrei[EN: Swim with Andrei] is a swimming club located in Bucharest, Romania that was founded in 2018 by Andrei Cozariuc. They are offering daily modern swimming lessons with a personalized teaching method, adapted to the requirements of our times.

Andrei, who is also the main coach of the club, wanted to spend more time managing his business and less time worrying about his company’s online presence, brand awareness, or social media.

He met us at the right time. 😊


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The Story

Of Inoata cu Andrei.

In 2018, when he founded the club, Andrei – an awards-winner swimmer – started to offer beginner swimming lessons to all those who wanted to learn how to swim.
He also addresses those who want to do performance swimming or participate in amateur sports competitions.

The club was successful and in 2021, he expanded his team and four other coaches joined.
Over 1000 children and adults who came to the swimming lessons managed to learn, appreciate the sport, to practice it with pleasure, every week. Their results were excellent because they didn’t have any cases of children or adults who have failed to learn to swim, regardless of their age, fear, or urge.

In the same year, 2021, Andrei wrote his first book about his training method – a technique that successfully combines notions of sports, psychology, and swimming skills.

The Challenge

Of expanding.

As his team of swimming instructors was growing, Andrei had to manage not only his clients and team but also the administrative tasks of his business as well as his online presence.

He created a website for the swimming club and hopped on the social media bandwagon by creating dedicated Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Andrei was the only one who posted on these platforms and he was doing it only when he had free time. He didn’t follow a strategy, and his posts were chaotic, easily noticed on his feed, which had inconsistent branding in a bunch of sales and informative-only posts.

The Why

Why he chose us.

In 2021, Andrei decided it was time to invest in his business by hiring a professional to manage the social media presence of Inoata cu Andrei. That was when one of his adult students recommended Free the Digital.

Andrei got in touch with Ioana at Free the Digital, who offered him a complimentary 30′ call to assess his needs and check for fit. That call lasted an hour as they hit it off and the conversation ran smoothly.
After the call, Ioana followed-up with a presentation of Free the Digital’s portfolio and an offer and the deal was made.

The How

And it went like…

Andrei chose the social media management package for Instagram that included 12 scheduled posts per month, based off on a content strategy and a monthly posting calendar, captions and visuals creation, hashtag research, and monthly analytics updates.

The first thing we did was to collect some existing information from Andrei, based on which we then went on and did some market research. After gathering all data, we put it together in a content strategy and we sent it to Andrei for feedback.

After we finalized the strategy, we got to work on the fun part: content creation. We like to content-batch, following our solid 5-step process: research, write, design, publish + engage. 

Every month, we had an online meeting with Andrei, where we looked at the month’s data, reassessed the strategy and brainstormed about the following month. After these meetings, we presented at the end of the month a content calendar with all the content to post. This way, Andrei saw in advance our proposals and had the opportunity to send his feedback before posting.

The Results

Happy Clients – level unlocked

During Andrei’s collaboration with Free the Digital, the Inoata cu Andrei Instagram account evolved into a trailblazing platform, setting the bar for swimming clubs in Romania.

The content and ideas shared on this account were not only widely replicated, but also served as a primary source of inspiration for our competitors.
During our monthly calls, we used to joke that we’re now the Coco Chanel of swimming clubs, remembering Coco’s favorite quote: “If You Want to Be Original, Be Ready to Be Copied”.

We experienced a significant increase in our follower base, with 100 new accounts following the Inoata cu Andrei Instagram page during our partnership. We’re talking about real people, no bots or spam accounts.

This growth was complemented by a substantial surge in engagement, as evidenced by our monthly statistics. The number of views, accounts reached, and interactions consistently escalated month after month, ultimately resulting in new clients for Andrei’s business.

All over this page, you can see our graphic designer’s work, who created a set of social media visuals in the form of carousel, reel and story highlights templates, but also a set of personalized GIFs and stickers, that we used in our stories on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the Inoata cu Andrei Giphy channel for more fun stickers!

The best way to illustrate Andrei’s level of satisfaction working with us is to show you the glowing review he wrote for us! 

“We happily recommended Free the Digital to other people who noticed the improvement of our presence on Instagram!”

As a result of working together with Ioana and Gabi, we have increased our brand’s awareness on social media, with high-quality content.

We love the ideas that we develop together, and this resulted in happy new clients who received a lot more information from our channel about swimming techniques, equipment, role models to follow, and our unique teaching method. It also resulted in me having more time to manage my business and keep my clients happy.

Since we started, I feel that we’ve done a great job together in building a strong brand in our industry. We appreciate the bi-monthly online meetings, where we share quick ideas and work on creating the best strategy for the future. We happily already recommended Free the Digital to other people who noticed the improvement of our presence on Instagram.

Andrei Cozariuc
Owner and Head Coach | Inoata cu Andrei

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