Andreia Olaru - Digital Strategist & Workshop Facilitator
Dream-Plan-Launch & We Need You Too

With Ioana, I feel I have a partner. With her by my side, I grew the existing business, and I had the space to start a new one. As a result of her content creation, I landed clients and collaborators I wouldn't meet otherwise. She's smart, creative, strategic, and anticipates what the business needs or the direction we're heading. She reads between the lines, is mindful of my weaknesses, and always knows when to step in and help me with a challenge.

I juggle many tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis, and in my work, I need to be creative. Ioana helps me with social media content, copywriting, graphic design, but the most important part of our work is our planning session at the beginning of the month.

Working together doesn't mean just outsourcing tasks, but getting a partner who helps you grow your business. Moreover, she's fun and easy-going, and meetings with her are the highlight of my schedule. Therefore, I would not hesitate one second to get Ioana on board!