Hannah Dixon - Owner, VA & Freelance Coach

Ioana is an exceptional example of someone who is diligent, creative, dependable, and downright fun to work with. She was a community manager for my VA program where she not only supported our members but implemented a fun initiative that was truly unique to her as a person.

During the month of October 2020, she collaborated with another VA, Romina, in delivering a 30-day fitness challenge. This was the perfect way to help boost the mood and overall health of our members at an otherwise difficult time.

By creating a custom workout plan, epic videos to go with them, graphics and even Zoom calls to keep each other accountable, Ioana went above and beyond to make her time with us memorable and left a lasting positive impact. I would not hesitate to recommend her in any content creation, social media, tech, or support position, she will treat your business as her own and work alongside you seamlessly.

Ioana has fire in her belly and the knowledge and resources to bring that fire to life. I'm stunned at how far she has come, and all on her own determined initiative. It would be a privilege for anyone to work with her!